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About Salon des Reptiles

About Salon des Reptiles

If you are looking to learn everything you need to know about reptiles, or just intrigued about these amazing specimens, the Salon des Reptiles is the event you will not want to miss! There will be many hobbyists present on site to answer all your questions and share their love and passion for these amazing animals! There are no sales authorized on site, we emphasize the show on educating the general public.

What We're All About

For over 15 years, the Salon des Reptiles has been a great place to learn all about reptiles, amphibians, arachnids and snakes with the focus on education:

  • Hands on experience with the fascinating world of reptiles.
  • Inform people on common and rare specimens, their origin and husbandry.
  • Educate the public about responsible ownership of these pets.
  • Eliminate the fear of handling and touching of certain species.
  • Eliminate as possible prejudice and sensational images.
About Salon des Reptiles

Reptiles are very different from other animals; it is important to educate yourself and understand them before ever buying one of these amazing creatures. Make sure you ask a reptile specialist all the questions necessary before buying a reptile. Here are some examples of questions you may ask all of our exhibitors and hobbyists present at the Salon des Reptiles:

  • How long do they live?
  • What is the maximum length that they can get?
  • What kind of habitat do they need? Temperature ? Humidity ? Desertic ? Tropical ? Etc...
  • What do they eat? How much does it cost to feed and maintain them?
  • Do veterinarians see these type of animals?

All these questions are very important and we urge you not buy a reptile on the spur of the moment. That is what Salon des Reptiles is all about: to educate without any sales.

The History of Salon des Reptiles

Journal La Presse - March 2000

The first Salon des Reptiles was held back in 2000. In association with Magazoo, a leading provider of reptiles and reptile supplies in the Montreal area

Martin Tremblay decided it was time to set up a reptile exhibition for both reptile hobbyists as well as the general public. In attempt to educate people to eliminate fears and prejudice towards reptiles. Salon des Reptiles has been changing the mentality of thousands of people about the world of reptiles.